Student Teacher Returns to Teach French, Theology

Rachel Sladky, Staff Writer, Journalism

A new school year means new faces, and teachers are no exception to this. Ms. Megan Griffith, a past student teacher at NDA, was so impressed by the school and the atmosphere that she decided to become a teacher here.

“The teachers were all so willing to help me; it felt like home,” Griffith reminisces. She immediately felt like she belonged in the Notre Dame circle.

Griffith’s inspiration growing up was her Freshman English teacher, along with a chain of many other teachers following her Freshman English teacher.

“Seeing how much they taught outside of the actual class work” is what most inspired her to become a teacher.

Griffith’s college professor at St. Norbert College particularly inspired her by challenging her and encouraging her to be better.

A French and theology teacher, she is used to adjusting herself to new environments. She traveled abroad to France and said, “Traveling by myself was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.”

She had nothing but good things to say about her host family in France: “From the beginning they felt like my family.”  

Whether playing card games or helping Griffith with her French, the host family made her feel right at home.

Griffith recalls their being very patient and loving. “If I ever had a bad day, going home to them would put me at ease.”

In her free time, Griffith enjoys reading and calls it her “primary hobby.” She especially loves the Harry Potter series.

Griffith’s biggest goal at NDA is “to have [her] students think for themselves, not only in the class but outside of it too.” She wants her students to learn how to develop their own thoughts and ideas.