New Chemistry Teacher Following Footsteps of Her Chemistry Teacher

Zhangchi Tian, Staff Writer, Journalism

With eyes wide open, she is searching something with all her curiosity: new faces, new classroom and all those new apparatus.

She is Ms. Rachel Weier, recently hired as NDA’s newest chemistry teacher.

“I just love my position as only a chemistry teacher instead of switching around,” she said, referring to having taught biology and AP Chemistry in a prior school. “Chemistry,” she said,”is the one which really intrigued me.”

Growing up, she really liked her chemistry teacher who was kind and helping others all the time. “ She inspired me,” she continued. “I like the idea of helping someone succeed.”

And this is her future plan as well, being a teacher and always having an open mind to help kids who are looking for achievement.

“I just love the size of the school, this area and the sense of community,” said Ms. Weier.

She brings energy to school every morning and says she  “likes designing the classroom, finding out what I can use or where I can put it. I really like working in the lab and doing all the math in chemistry.”

The same as all the staff moving in, she had some challenges setting up at NDA. But after jumping right into the new environment, everything seemed interesting.

“I like reading, knitting, spending time with family, dancing, oh, I really like watching Netflix,” she said.“ When I get settled down, I might go find some dance program or new club, just to learn some new things.”

“Ms. Weier is really patient,” said Nate Smith, one of her students.  “She will go through the materials really slow and into the details to make sure everyone in class understands it. I am engaged in her class really well. I have the sense of feeling that I am learning and making progress in my science class.”