Journalism Class Gets Advice from Veteran Journalist


NDA student Brady Kurowski with his dad, Jeff Kurowski

Claire Edgar , Staff Writer, Journalism

Jeff Kurowski, associate editor of The Compass, began his career in journalism by writing for Bay Port High School’s newspaper.

Kurowski grew up in Wisconsin and attended Bay Port High School.

When Kurowski started college, careers in journalism did not have much prospect, so he studied both finance and writing at UW Stevens Point.

He was also a contributing writer to The Pointer, a UW Stevens Point newspaper, where he wrote everything from news stories to features and editorials.

“That was where I found out the impact of writing,” said Kurowski, “I would walk through the parking lot with my friend, and he would point out that Chancellor Michael’s parking spot was closer to the door than disabled parking. We measured it and saw that his spot was four feet closer, so when the chancellor read about it in the paper, he moved his parking spot.”

Earlier in Kurowski’s career, journalism was more complicated and less appreciative, paying him less than seven dollars an hour for a position as an editor for a national magazine.

Currently, at The Compass, a staff of five does the writing, layout, website and everything else. The Compass is a weekly paper that goes to print on Tuesdays.

“You have to manage your time with the deadline in mind,” said Kurowski.

Kurowski prefers to record all of his interviews if he gets permission.

“When you go back and listen to a recording, you pick up on things like an emphasis or a fluctuation of the voice,” he said.

Kurowski shared some words of advice for aspiring journalists, saying that journalists have to really get to know the people they interview in a conversational style.

Another piece of advice is that journalists have to have thick skin. There will always be people who do not like what they write.

Kurowski currently has a son, Brady, at Notre Dame Academy who is taking journalism class with Mrs. Brown.

“I like journalism a lot,” said Brady Kurowski. “My dad has taught me a lot that I can use in class, and Mrs. Brown jokes about him writing all my stories.”