Marketing, Communications Manager Calls Her Career a ‘Ministry’


Ava Vande Corput , Staff Writer, Journalism I

“This is more of a ministry than a career,” said Kimberly Uelmen, NDA’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

Her job entails managing all of Notre Dame’s social media as well as promoting Notre Dame Academy as the school to attend.

In a state and area where public schools are good, NDA has to work extra hard to convince parents that the money spent to attend here is worth it.

“I feel that NDA is definitely worth the money, so my job is to promote the school and all the great things about it,” said Uelmen

Uelmen frequently works with journalists by sending out releases about current events at Notre Dame Academy. Anytime you see NDA on the news Uelmen is behind it.

She is currently working on redesigning the website for the Academy by making it more efficient and easier to use.

“I talk to teachers and alumni to ask what they like and don’t like about the website. I ask what they would like to see from the future web page and then take in all the comments under consideration,” said Uelmen.

Uelmen manages the school’s social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and the new NDA Instagram.

“My favorite is managing the Instagram account. I think pictures tell a story much better than words do. Whenever there’s a tweet from Notre Dame Academy, I am behind it,” said Uelmen.  “Social media,” she added, “makes everything bigger, whether it’s good or bad.”

The next project on her agenda is NDA’s major fundraiser Triton Fest.

She has been working closely with the school’s event planner Mr. Geno McKenna to “spice up” the NDA brand for Triton Fest.

“I work with him on the look and feel of it. However, I can’t get married to anything I create because if he doesn’t like it, I have to adapt and make it better,” stated Uelmen.

Uelmen’s job was not around a few years ago, but now it is a growing field with many different opportunities, especially in the state of Wisconsin.

“Going into communications as a major in college has prepared me for life because you need to have communication skills with everyone,” stated Uelmen.

Communications, however, was not her first interest.  A graduate of Pulaski High School, she originally planned to become a Spanish teacher at UW-Stevens Point.

A communications course intrigued her, and when she shadowed a woman who was a marketing and communications manager, she “just knew” that was what she wanted to do.

Outside of working at NDA Uelmen’s other interests include singing in two polka bands, coaching softball and volleyball and hanging out with the Slusareks.

Uelmen encourages readers to follow the Tritons’ new Instagram account: @tritonsnda