Geiser: ‘Policy Pretty Darn Good’

Denice Aispuro, Staff Writer, Journalism I

The BYOD has not only helped out students, but teachers as well.

Gregory Geiser, social studies teacher at NDA, uses BYODs to enhance the learning of all his students. In ISS he uses laptops about three times a week, while in his World History class he uses them everyday.

“The school was very deliberate and clear in implementing this program,” said Geiser.

He has an advantage because he already had knowledge in the technology department.

The other advantages the BYODs give to all at NDA are instant access to information and writing papers in classrooms.

This program helps the students in Geiser’s class work at their own pace.

“I tend to walk around and look at what students are doing. I watch their progress on the google docs,” Geiser said.

Many of the students take advantage of the BYODs for a good purpose while there are some that abuse it. There are more students who use it for educational purposes.

“We can’t expect students who have grown visually attached to their devices to never be tempted to check them,” he said.

The BYODs have had a good turn on the teaching of many teachers because they do not have to go to the library or computer labs and sign up classes on certain days. They can just tell the students to pull out their devices and get to work.

In the future the policy of BYOD will have a better impact on the generations that have more experience.

“Hopefully all the students and parents work towards owning the best devices possible because I see many of the students struggling when they have older laptops,” said Geiser.

The biggest way the policy on devices has helped Geiser would be in “having more flexibility, and more individually responsive class,” he said. They have instant access to online information.

“I think the policy is pretty darn good as it is,” Geiser said.

Handing out referrals for Mr. Geiser has not been more of a problem compared to dress code, but the misuse of computers has gotten higher because they have easier access to devices.