Choir Trip to Chicago Hailed as a Successful, Fun Weekend

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

A mixture of choir students from three different Academy choirs and four different grades recently returned from the choir trip to Chicago. Planning for this trip began months in advance, and everything went off without a hitch.

Mrs. Christine Salerno, as well as parent-volunteer chaperones, escorted the students through a wide range of activities and events to enjoy in the city. Although the trip was a mere two nights, it was packed full of exciting shows and entertainment.

When asked what the highlight of the trip was, there was an overwhelming response of “Wendy’s,” which takes an explanation. The first night of the trip after a full day of travel and ending at a jazz club, the group found themselves very hungry after many restaurants had closed. The bus drove for thirty minutes to a Wendy’s that ended up being closed, which caused the bus to have to turn around and drive thirty more minutes to a second Wendy’s. It was a memorable moment for everybody.

There were many more highlights, however.

“My favorite part was definitely Blue Man Group,” said freshman Mattea Vecera. “It was so cool I can’t even begin to describe it.”

Activities included performing at the top of the Hancock Building, attending a jazz showcase at a jazz club, walking around the Chicago Zoo, and attending the House of Blues breakfast gospel performance. Nobody could agree on what was the best part.

“I enjoyed it as a whole,”said junior Katie Romes. “It was so much fun performing with my friends, and the shopping was definitely a fun part.”

Not only did the choir enjoy themselves, but they brought entertainment to people around them.

“When we were performing at the top of the Hancock, a random person told us we ‘sounded amazing,’” remembers Chris Fineout, senior. “It was nice to hear after performing, and it reinforced the reason behind the choir trip.”

After such a success, there’s no doubt that the choir trips will continue in the future. If you’re interested in joining Salerno in an upcoming trip, make sure you’re registered for a choir in the year ahead.