Campion’s Career Path Started at NDA

Campions Career Path Started at NDA

Molly Schneider, Staff Writer, Journalism I

“Notre Dame really prepared me for college,” explained Corrie Campion, a 2015 Notre Dame graduate. She is home for the summer after her second year at Saint Catherine’s University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

During her time at Notre Dame, Campion was Vice President of the Outreach branch of   student government. She  also enjoyed taking German, like her 2 older brothers, with NDA’s beloved Frau.

Campion said college was originally a big adjustment for her.

“I didn’t know anybody; no one else was going to St Kate’s,” she said.

She warned that college tests a person’s time management skills because of the increased amount of free time.

During her junior and senior year at Notre Dame, Campion was a student trainer, working with “T” the trainer. She became interested in sports medicine which resulted in her thinking about physical therapy as a future career.

Pre-admitted into Saint Kate’s  pre-physical therapy program, she hopes to graduate next spring with a degree in exercise science.

The program requires 60 observation hours in a hospital. After all her time spent working, she believes hospitals are not the best place for physical therapy because, “most of the people in the hospital are not there for physical therapy.”

After graduating college, Campion hopes to be a physical therapist in outpatient care.