What Happens in Homerooms?


Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Almost every Friday after second hour at Notre Dame, students go to their designated homerooms. A homeroom consists of three to six students in every grade and an adviser, usually a teacher.

Every homeroom is different. Each one spends their 20 minutes on Fridays and an hour on early dismissal days a little differently. Some play games, others watch movies and some just sit around and talk.

On early dismissal days, homerooms have the option of spending the lunch break together as well. Some homerooms order food or have a potluck.

“We like to discuss the latest NDA news or argue about who needs to bring food,” said Deidre Bellmore, senior. Bellmore is part of Madame Geyer’s homeroom.

“[My favorite part is] how comfortable we all are with each other. We have a lot of fun,” said Bellmore.

“Bob Marley and hacky sacks,” said Olivia Allen, a senior member of Mr. Gray’s homeroom, in describing their time together. “It’s a really nice break in the day.”

“We usually all chill out and talk. We usually watch movies and stuff, too,” said Lily Schumacher, a senior and a member of Ms. Weier’s homeroom. “[My favorite part is] watching movies and having time to relax.”

“Every Friday we usually will talk about upcoming half days and plan events for those. If not, we’ll play Apples to Apples or do some fun craft activity,” said Paul Gapinski, a senior member of Mr. Winkler’s homeroom. “My favorite part about homeroom is just the break it offers in the day.  It’s something to look forward to in the week,” he added.