French Club Members Learn About Language They Love


Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Journalism I

French Club is one of many clubs offered at Notre Dame Academy. Students involved in French Club interact with other students and learn more about the language they learn and love. The club involves over 100 students that are looking to have a good time with others.

“What I’d like to do is do a mixture of before and after school. Food for sure. Incorporated French food, movies and music. Things like that,” said Ms. Griffith, one of the moderators of the French Club.

“We do some pretty cool stuff in French Club like work at De La Baie fest selling crepes and bagels at every meeting,” said Anna Schaut, one of the many avid members in the club. Schaut also explained how if you take French, the club can “expose you much better to the language.”

“We also are looking for a student leader if anyone is interested,” Griffith said. Their last student leader was Jackson Martin, who graduated last spring.

French Club offers students a more social look at the French language. If you take French or are just interested in the language, they would be happy to accept you. French Club is a great way to expose yourself to new experiences.

“I would advise anyone that is considering joining French club to join! We have a lot of fun with Madame and Mademoiselle,” Schaut explained.

“My plan is to meet one or twice a month,” Griffith said. They usually meet in Madame and Griffith’s room. Meetings will be held before or after school and will last about 45 minutes.

“The best part of French Club is being surrounded by a group of awesome kids who enjoy the language as much as I do,” Schaut exclaimed. French Club offers a nice way to get involved with a group of about 100 kids that love the French language.

French Club was one of the many clubs that displayed information during the club fair Friday at lunch.