New Teacher Robbins Brings Variety of Life Experiences to Classroom

New Teacher Robbins Brings Variety of Life Experiences to Classroom

Ava Vande Corput, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Kayla Robbins,a new addition to the NDA English department, brings a long list of various jobs and experiences to her job as a teacher of sophomores.

She attended UW-Green Bay and worked jobs throughout college as a makeup artist, America Reads Tutor and an animal caretaker at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay.

Before she started teaching, Robbins worked as a Line Therapist doing in-home therapy with autistic children.

However, Robbins always knew she wanted to become an English teacher.

“I knew I wanted to become an English teacher since the age of seven. I’ve always wanted to help students develop their reading and writing skills, as well as create a classroom environment that allows students to discuss literature in a meaningful manner,” said Robbins.

She strives to help students make text connect with the world and discuss the diverse human condition/experience in an empathetic way.

Thus Robbins decided to apply at Notre Dame Academy to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps.

“After teaching French and math for twenty years, my grandma became a substitute teacher. After subbing at many schools, my grandma had said that her experience at Notre Dame Academy was by-far her favorite. I felt that it was a sign to apply when I found the English department job opening,” stated Robbins.

After only a short time at Notre Dame, Robbins has learned that NDA is a community with great compassion and empathy.

“I have received so much support from the staff, students and parents. As far as struggles go, I’ve only had experience student teaching at public schools, so coming to a Catholic school as a first-year teacher has led to some challenges, but all of those challenges have been wonderful learning experiences,” said Robbins.

Robbin’s teaching philosophy is to work to facilitate thinking, and she believes that students should have an engaging education, which will allow them to become creative problem solvers and independent thinkers.

“I hope that I can encourage students to have a growth mindset so that they can find strategies to succeed in tackling life’s many challenges and opportunities. Also, I hope to create a safe environment for students to discuss diverse topics in an open-minded and civil manner. Lastly, I hope that I can succeed in inspiring my students to become empathetic, independent, and creative thinkers in the classroom and the community,” she said.

Outside of school, Robbins’s hobbies include reading, creative writing, nature walks and arts and crafts, especially when Halloween rolls around.

Robbins also enjoys and cherishes the times she spends with her family.

“My family is incredibly diverse. While half of my family comes from a Native American heritage and Catholic background, the other half consists of multifarious faiths, which have been inspired by their travels around the world. Some places include France, Canada, Prague, Spain, Indonesia and India,” stated Robbins.

Overall, Robbins has enjoyed her time at NDA and can’t wait to see what is yet to come in the following years.