Three Seniors Start Popular Knitting Club


Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

At the end of September, NDA’s Knitting Club held its first meeting, welcoming beginners as well as seasoned knitters.

The club is the brainchild and CAS project of 3 IB Diploma seniors: Jenn Cluckey, Zack Jerzyk and Josey McClain.

“I was brainstorming ideas for a CAS project, and I kept getting drawn to the idea of starting a club. After much thought, the most practical idea was Knitting Club,” explained Cluckey.

Cluckey then joined forces with McClain and Jerzyk.

“I was talking with some other students in IB and Josey said that she had been thinking about founding a Knitting Club room,” said Cluckey. “We began planning and organizing ideas for the club’s operation. In the early planning stages, Zack showed interest in leading the club as well, so we gladly welcomed him into our planning.”

The three seniors created a proposal, met with the administration, and secured English teacher Mrs. Jean Thillman to be the club’s staff moderator.

Cluckey was excited by the prospect of the club.

“It worked out perfectly because after being taught how to knit the winter of my junior year, I started to pick up projects here and there but was never able to finish them due to time constraints,” said Cluckey.  “Having set time to just knit would hopefully solve that problem.”

Around two dozen knitters arrived for the first September meeting. Cluckey, Jerzyk and McClain brought extra needles and yarn for the club members to work with. Those with experience taught first-timers how to cast-on and begin their projects.

“I’m very pleased with the turnout so far,” stated Cluckey. “Of course, there’s been a lot of support from our friends, but we’ve also been drawing the interest of students from other grade levels. It has also been very positively received by the teachers, namely Mrs. Brandtner, Mr. Stary and Ms. Abler.”

The club, which meets after school on every other Friday, hopes to be a relaxing, comfortable environment for NDA students to knit and de-stress.

Senior Kelsey Mullen explained that she “had never knit before and at first it was really difficult, but all the experienced knitters have been so patient with me and helped me along. With their support, knitting is starting to become enjoyable for me.”

Senior Emily Agen also said that she “really enjoyed” her experience at Knitting Club.

“It was very welcoming towards people of all different knitting skill sets,” added Agen.

Cluckey, Jerzyk and McClain welcomed all with an interest to attend the meetings.

“For students who want a space to work on their knitting projects, this club is for you. And for students who want to learn how to knit, we have lots of other students willing to teach you!” said Cluckey.