Katie Phernetton Loves, Loves, Loves Her Job


Molly Schneider, Staff Writer, Journalism I

“I love, love, love my job,” said Notre Dame alum Katie Phernetton. “I love that no day is the same. All the segments are different and the people I meet are different.”

Five years ago, while still in college, Phernetton entered a contest hosted by CW-14. The contest was the search for a “CW-14 Star.” Her audition was scored equally between evaluation by the television station and fan votes.  

After winning the contest, Phernetton became a popular on-air tv personality.

“It takes practice. At first, it’s really weird,” said Phernetton regarding her job.

“It was supposed to be for one year, but they liked me so they kept me. I’ve been there for five years,” she said.  

Now a feature reporter “for two stations, C-14 and Fox 11, because they’re sister stations,” Phernetton does everything from tasting food to doing on-air interviews.

“I meet people from different areas,” said Phernetton on the benefits of her job. She meets, interviews and does segments on doctors, small business owners and even football players.

Phernetton also explained the challenge of doing live interviews with people.  “You never know what you’re going to get from someone.”

A person can be extremely talkative and give too much information or not say anything at all. Phernetton said, “One time I was interviewing someone live and they wouldn’t say anything. They would just nod their head.”

Although she loves her job, one day Phernetton hopes to eventually reach a larger audience. The country is divided into 210 news markets. For example, New York is ranked no. 1 and Green Bay is ranked no. 68.

“My ultimate goal is to get to a top 15 market,” said Phernetton. However, she explained that it is hard to reach the top level because reporters in those positions stay for a long time.

Perks of a larger news market include people to help with hair, makeup and wardrobe, as well as a larger salary.

People who work in television don’t make a lot of money. Phernetton commented, “You don’t go into television for the money.”

At NDA she was involved in the music program, enjoyed Public Performance class, served as editor of the yearbook and emceed Mr. NDA.  Phernetton attended Winona State after graduation, transferred to UW-GB to major in journalism and then won the CW-14 contest.