Coach Rohde Juggles Job, Coaching, Parenting


Nate Smith , Staff Writer, Journalism I

People may marvel how some teachers continue to do their jobs after just having babies, having kids at home or even having multiple kids.  

Mrs. Sarah Rohde is the girls basketball coach at NDA and a teacher at Foxview Intermediate School.  Other than the whole basketball team that she could count as her kids, she has three other little ones at home.  Their ages range from two and a half weeks old to three and a half years old.  

Reese came first, their oldest daughter.

“Reese was definitely a major change in our life, but a good change,” said Rohde.  She  also said the Reese was a really good baby, so that made things a lot easier.  

Their second child Roger was a lot different.  “Actually the complete opposite of Reese,” Rohde said.  

Roger would cry and only sleep in certain areas, so they gave him the nickname “Seagull.”  He also had ear infections as a baby which made him very upset and unhappy.  

The personalities of the first two, Reese and Roger, are complete opposites, said Rohde.  Reese is more chilled and laid back while Roger is more energetic and never stops moving.

All of their names have a special meaning to the parents.  Rohde and her husband Matt had always liked the name Reese for their first kid.  For Reese’s middle name they chose Golden because Mrs. Rohde carried her when the Tritons won the state championship in girls basketball.  

Since their last name is Rohde, they wanted to keep all of the kids’ names starting with R’s.  

For their second child, Roger was always a boy’s name they both liked and the couple admits to being big Roger Federer fans.  His middle name Phoenix comes from the UWGB mascot since both Matt and Mrs. Rohde played basketball there.  

The newest child, Roux, got her name from from Mrs. Rohde’s grandmother’s name, Ruth.  Since they weren’t big fans of the name “Ruth,” they changed it slightly to Roux.  Roux’s middle name Rockette is from Mrs. Rohde’s middle school mascot, the Rockets.  Wanting a more feminine touch to it,  they changed the spelling to “Rockette.”

Raising kids and being a coach at a high school is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

“It’s very busy, but I’m lucky to have a very supportive husband that allows me to do something I love,” said Mrs. Rohde.  She also says that her in-laws are very important and are big helpers through the basketball season.  

“I’m hoping our kids will grow up accustomed to being in a gym and love sports as much as Matt and I do,” said the coach, wife, teacher and mother of three.