The Secret Life of Mr. McGowan


James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On any given day, you could walk through the student services hallway and find Mr. Cassidy McGowan typing away at his desk. Entering into his office, he would stop what he was doing, turn to you and give you a kind “hello.”

Mr. McGowan is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee. He currently lives in Green Bay with his wife and children, Colin, Sean and Molly. However, Mr. McGowan has not always resided in Green Bay.

Our beloved Mr. McGowan was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, when he was seven years old. Mr. McGowan lived in Indianapolis for 11 years and completed high school there. After his 11 years in Indianapolis, Mr. McGowan moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University.

Mr. McGowan originally declared chemistry as his major because he was influenced by his mother who was a chemistry major herself. Early in his freshman year, he realized chemistry was not for him and switched majors to political science, history and education.

After college, Mr. McGowan met his wife and moved to Washington D.C. and pursued a teaching career there. After three years of teaching in Washington D.C., Mr. McGowan moved back to the Green Bay area, accepting a job at Luxemburg-Casco High School. There he taught history and special education.

After his successful six years at Luxemburg-Casco, he decided to move on again, this time accepting a job at Notre Dame Academy as Learning Resource Specialist. Mr. McGowan has been here for three years.

Mr. McGowan expressed his love for his role at NDA, saying, “It allows me the freedom to go into a variety of classes, but more importantly advocate for students who struggle at times in school.” He continues to make a large impact in the lives of the students of Notre Dame.

Josh DeLange, a freshman, said, “Mr. McGowan has helped me with a lot of work I needed help with and has inspired me since the day I started here.”

Although Mr. McGowan makes a huge impact on the student body, he also has hobbies of his own outside of the workplace. For example, Mr. McGowan plays the bagpipes for his children on the weekends. Another past time of Mr. McGowan, that he enjoys thoroughly, is playing with his children. In addition, he said “going swimming at the YMCA, sledding or just wrestling is priceless.”

Overall, Mr. McGowan is a man of many talents. Not only is he successful in his work, but he is successful in his home life as well. Mr. McGowan is truly someone to look up to.