Student Services Intern Wants to Work in School Setting

Student Services Intern Wants to Work in School Setting

Tyler Bergner, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As many of you know, Ms. Becky Bain is the college counselor here at Notre Dame, but recently there is a new face roaming around in Student Services. That’s right, her name is Christine Richer, who is studying to be a school counselor.

“I have a master’s in community/ mental counseling but am looking to be a part of a school setting,” said Ms. Richer.

Before coming to Notre Dame, she shadowed and learned more about her studies at Kaukauna High School and is now at Notre Dame Academy.  Her program requires two internships.

Before going back to get her master’s degree, she worked as a counselor at Bellin Psychiatric Center in Green Bay, which gave her a background in adolescent psychiatric behavior. She was also a Department Head at Rock Gardens Conference Center for 10 years.

Eventually her full-time job as an assistant manager at Festival Foods encouraged her to study for her second master’s degree, but in a school setting.

Her son is currently at a GRACE school, which she loves.

“GRACE allows students an education tailored to their needs while addressing character development and preparation for their adult lives,” she explained.

Ms. Richer’s NDA internship is under the direction of Ms. Bain.

“Currently, I work with Ms. Bain assisting students in college prep.  She is teaching me a lot. Most importantly, she has taught me that there is a best fit/choice for each student and it’s our job to find it,” said the intern. “Ms. Bain doesn’t settle for an easy solution or answer.  She actively investigates students’ ideas or plans and offers them sound advice. Her role is as much a researcher as a counselor.”

On the other side of the partnership, Ms. Bain “loves” having her intern. In addition to her help, she really appreciates three things about Ms. Richer: her mental health background, her leadership qualities and the fact she deeply loves working with students.

Ms. Richer volunteers throughout the GRACE system and would welcome the opportunity to work within it. She is fluent in Spanish, which is an asset in her field.