Flaggy: NDA’s Most Interesting Man


Tyler Bergner, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As popular and appreciated as Flaggy is, the man behind the name is little known.

Flaggy, or his official name of Mr. Michael Hibbard, has been working in maintenance at NDA for almost seven years. He is here bright and early to cut the grass or clean and sometimes stays late to make sure everything is running properly in the school building.

Flaggy, who “was raised on a farm in the middle of nowhere in the outskirts of Wrightstown,” says he has always been a “metal head.”  During high school he and his brother started a band, and Flaggy said he “just kept at the music.” He played the drums during high school.

He is currently involved with two bands, a rock band called  Replica, and Separate Ways, a tribute band to Journey.

He is also one of the owners for a lighting company called On Stage Productions.

But that’s not all .

“I also run sound at Celebration Church on Wednesdays for the youth band and Green Bay Community Church on Sundays, mixing the audio for their online mix,” he said.

Flaggy has been married for 36 years. He and his wife, now empty-nesters, have two grown daughters, Brandi and Faith. He also enjoys collecting guns and restoring his ‘76 Chevy Camaro.

Interesting facts abound about Flaggy.  His passion for music has taken him to every state in the United States in a matter of four months. That happened when he was on tour with a national band called Helix.  He has also taken several cruises around the Caribbean and a two-week cruise to Europe.

Senior Nate Smith, like many of us, never had much background on Mr. Hibbard. “I never knew Flaggy did so much. You wouldn’t think of all the activities he does outside of Notre Dame Academy.”

Flaggy also participated in the 2016-2017 St. Baldrick’s fundraiser and raised up $1000 dollars from students and staff to combat cancer.

As to the source of his nickname, the popular maintenance man said,  “My nickname story shall remain a mystery. Some things are best left unknown.”