Vivacious Art Teacher a Woman of Many Talents

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Mrs. Melanie Bradshaw, who graduated from the University of Illinois with a full-ride scholarship, is now an art teacher at Notre Dame Academy.

Bradshaw began her art studies at UW-Superior. She began studying studio art but decided studying abroad would require too much time. She then switched to anthropology.

“I think art and anthropology are very connected.” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw’s main focus in art is fibers. She is also interested in weaving, knitting and sewing. Art, she said, is a meditative form of work for her.

“It helps me turn my brain off a little,” said the vivacious art teacher.

After meeting the man who became her husband, Bradshaw decided to move back to Green Bay to be closer to her family. She began looking for positions and began applying. She ended up applying at NDA and landing the job.

“It felt like a really good fit.” said Bradshaw.

Teaching at NDA gives Bradshaw a different outlook on her teaching environment. Her former schools had some struggles which helped her learn and grow in her teaching. Working at NDA has been a friendly and welcoming environment for her.

“So far everyone has been respectful.” said Bradshaw.

Working in a Catholic school for the first time encourages Bradshaw to pray throughout the day and over the announcements. In her past school teaching about religion or sharing religious beliefs was not allowed. Being a part of NDA allows her to share her beliefs.

In her free time Bradshaw enjoys fresh air, bonfires, hiking, kayaking, knitting and cooking.

Bradshaw has always been influenced by her mom who throughout her life made her learn how to cook and how to look at the creative side of things. She encouraged Bradshaw’s creativity.

Art is not the only creative thing Bradshaw is involved in. She also enjoys singing and doing opera. In high school she was involved in theater. She also played the clarinet, saxophone and piano.  

In the future Bradshaw would like to continue teaching. She would also like to have a family and to be very engaged in their lives.