Jaloszynski Came to NDA for a Challenge


Hannah Vanden Heuvel, Staff Writer, Journalism I

About one month into Maddie Jaloszynski’s junior year at Pulaski High School, she realized something critical about her education: she was not being challenged enough in the classroom.

After this epiphany, Jaloszynski shadowed and enrolled at Notre Dame within the next week.

“I’ve had to put in a lot of extra time, but it’s been worth it,” said Jaloszynski.

The current senior believes switching to NDA has put her on a better track to succeed in college.

But, Jaloszynski had more than catching up on homework to deal with: she would have to wait a whole year from when she switched schools to play in a Notre Dame volleyball game.

Jaloszynski has taken sitting out of games quite exceptionally.

She has chosen to focus on being engaged on the bench as the team’s biggest supporter and studies issues on the court that she can try to improve when she finally gets to play.

Jaloszynski is able to practice with the team and loves the bonds she’s made with her teammates..

“They’re all sweet girls. I love them to death,” she said.

Jaloszynski has received multiple offers from Division II schools to play volleyball, but has not yet accepted an offer or decided on continuing her career in an even more competitive way. 

She began playing volleyball in 5th grade and has let her passion grow with playing year round by participating in school, club and beach volleyball.

Pulaski, according to Jaloszynski, has only two beach volleyball courts: a park and her backyard.

She also enjoys hanging out with friends, doing watersports, shopping and volunteering as a Big Sister.

Jaloszynski is a great addition to the Triton family.