Rickards’ Life: Soccer + Reading & Writing

Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Libby Rickards, a sophomore here at NDA, has been living and breathing soccer her whole life.

Her parents met through the sport, creating a passion that has continued through Rickards.

Even though Rickards describes soccer as a “big part of her life,” she has other passions and aspirations.

She finds enjoyment in reading which has driven her into the writing field.

Rickards’ favorite genres to read and write include historical fiction and fantasy.

“When everyone was reading The Fault in our Stars, I was reading The Harry Potter series,” said Rickards when describing her taste in books.

Her writing work mainly consists of short stories that one day she plans on publishing.

“They aren’t finished,” she said, but hopes that they will be in the future.

Regarding the future, Rickards aspires to be a professor, possibly of archaeology, history or English.

She has not decided yet what she wants to teach, but she for sure wants to expand her writing career on the side.

“When I’m not teaching, I’ll write,” she said.

Along with all these great goals, Rickards wants to travel and foster children.

When she was younger, her parents were planning on fostering children themselves, but the plans never went through.

Now it is just one part of Rickards’s exciting plans for the future.

In 15 years Rickards plans to be “successful” and “not living in my parents’ basement.”