Tennis, Tech Keep Olles Active, Happy


Aeva Ver Boort, Staff Writer, Journalism

Junior Caragan Olles is involved in technology for the masses at NDA, technology for the musical, technology for Mr. NDA, but the thing she looks forward to most is tennis.  

She is a member of the Notre Dame Academy tennis team.  She started playing tennis in second grade. Most of her free time is spent playing tennis on the team at school as well as outside of school.  

Her favorite part of high school is playing tennis with her friends. When she is not playing tennis on the NDA team, she also has options to play tennis at other places.  

“I like just being able to play, indoor or outdoor; people say it is a lifetime sport,” she said.

Olles’ favorite part about high school and tennis season is being able to leave school early.  She said it makes school easier jumping into school and leaving school early for tennis. Her least favorite part about school is being in school instead of playing tennis.

Besides tennis, Olles and her older brother Carter started a nonprofit organization called For Young Dyslexics in March 2013.  For Young Dyslexics raises money for students K-12 in Wisconsin.  

“The money is used for assisted technology, funding for tutoring and anything else to help the students succeed,” said Olles.

Olles has not thought about college very much, but she for sure wants to go somewhere warm, preferably Florida.  She wants to pursue something in marketing or brand rep. Her creative side spikes the interest in these jobs.

“I do not want to sit at a desk all day,” she said.