Vanden Heuvel Relishes Her Time in Musicals

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Journalism

Hannah Vanden Heuvel is involved in many different activities, including dance and being a youth board member. But, one of her biggest loves could be her involvement in musicals.

Vanden Heuvel is relatively new to the realm of musicals, as she wasn’t caught up with musicals until high school.

Since high school, Vanden Heuvel has participated in Cinderella, High School Musical, The Addams Family and Mary Poppins.

Being entangled with musicals has made Vanden Heuvel more comfortable and available with her friends and family.

Having four years of experience under her belt, Vanden Heuvel is able to provide honest advice to younger kids.

“I’ve butchered about every musical audition… you just have to put yourself out there,” Vanden Heuvel said.

“Working backstage is still fun too,” she added.

For college, Vanden Heuvel wants to continue with music, as she would like to minor or double major in theater,  with her other field of study being communications or elementary education.

Along with her love for musicals, Vanden Heuvel also loves to dance. She dances at Shirley Van’s Dance Studio with participation in The Dance Company.

In her future, Vanden Heuvel would like to volunteer and direct shows with various schools and show kids about music.

Attending the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County Jazz Festival with the Tritones was Vanden Heuvel’s best memory at Notre Dame Academy.

As school starts, Vanden Heuvel is excited to start the classes that she is passionate about.