Father Sladek’s Religious Calling Started at NDA


Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Father Kyle Sladek, who recently celebrated mass at Notre Dame, has a strong love for the Notre Dame Academy community.

Having graduated in 2009, Sladek remembers many of the traditions continued here such as Mr. NDA where he got 2nd place.

Along with Mr. NDA, Sladek contributed in tennis and band and was the student body president.

It was during his high school years that he began to have a religious calling.

His parents could “see it coming,” he said. “They could see me growing in my faith.”

Now, Sladek serves as a Diocesan priest in Kaukauna.

Some of his tasks include visiting the sick, performing weddings, meeting with people and conducting daily mass.

He says his most difficult job is dealing with people and their personalities.

Many people drawn to the Catholic church are weary and “broken,” said Sladek.

He keeps people from falling out of faith by being a “personal witness” who shows people the happiness they can have in a life with God.

When talking about prayer, Sladek believes “He’s present” and “He loves you” even if sometimes you feel alone when you pray.

In 15 years, he plans to be at a parish within two hours of Green Bay since he loves the area so much.

He enjoys reading in his free time, and in the future he might write a collection of sermons to publish.

Ultimately though, his main goal in life is to get to heaven and bring other souls to heaven.