Green Bay: New Frontier to Martino Marchese


Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

To most of us, Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a place we consider freezing, familiar, and perhaps a little boring. For Martino Marchese, Green Bay is a new frontier and an experience that holds opportunity.

“When I first thought about spending a year abroad, I wasn’t sure where to go,” Marchese said in discussing his options. “I thought about going to England, Ireland or Australia.”

Marchese eventually decided on America because he had never visited it before. “In my mind, America always seemed so far away from home.”

“I feel privileged because nowadays people and many teenagers are fascinated by American culture, the American dream and the land of freedom and opportunity,” he said.

Marchese is from South Tyrol, which is a region in Northern Italy that is part of province that speaks both Italian and German.

“My goals are to improve my English, meet new people and have new experiences,” said the international student.

It has been a fairly smooth adjustment for Marchese, although he has had to come to terms with the state of American pasta.

“Americans are very kind and always available to help anyone who is having difficulties,” he said.

Marchese is staying with the Brada family (Adam and Lucy Brada are both freshmen this year, and Lilly Brada graduated with the 2019 class.). “My host parents and host siblings have helped me a lot trying to fit in.”

What about Martino’s life in Italy? Martino likes to spend his time hanging out with his friends or engaging in sports.

“I am very interested in soccer (fútbol in Italy) and I used to play on a team in Italy. My parents share a passion for skiing and were actually both ski instructors at one point. I have inherited their passion and we go skiing regularly in the Dolomites Mountains,” he explained.

Martino has enjoyed his time in America so far, but he admitted he misses home sometimes.

“It’s like I was born in a foreign country and immigrated here. I have to rebuild everything: friendships, relationships, contacts. It’s an opportunity to start a new life, but it is also difficult because of the language barrier. I have also heard that winter in Wisconsin is very, very cold and I am a bit concerned.”

Martino wants to take advantage of his time in America. “I would really love to travel and visit as many possible locations in the U.S.”