Mayers Recommend Hawaii for Summer Vacation

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA staff member Joy Mayer went to Maui, Hawaii, with her family over the summer.

The Mayer family–Mrs. Mayer, her husband, and two daughters–has waited several years to go to Hawaii.

“We like to wake surf behind our boat, so we wanted to try surfing in the ocean, and Hawaii is known for its surfing,” said the science teacher.

The family had a total of five surfing lessons, all at six-thirty every morning.

The five-hour time difference was a challenge but helped getting up for the surfing lessons easier.

When they landed in Hawaii, it was four in the morning but it felt like nine in the morning. For the first few days the family was up before sunrise. Once they finally adjusted to the time difference, it was time for them to depart for home.

While in Hawaii the family had surfing lessons, went snorkeling, rode horses, enjoyed zip lining, went to the top of a dormant volcano, saw waterfalls, and went to a luau.

“The luau told the story of the Hawaiian culture, so attending that was a very good way to learn about the traditions and people of Hawaii,” said Mayer.

Often because the Hawaiian language is so much more unique than ours it was difficult for the family to pronounce names of streets, cities, and beaches.

The family didn’t have much time to interact with the local people from Hawaii because of their busy tourist schedule. When able to interact, however, they found the people very nice and welcoming.

“I liked the beautiful beaches, tropical scenery, and snorkeling,” said Mayer.

Mayer offers this advice to those interested in a trip to Hawaii: “Make the trip and spend at least a week or longer if you have a chance.  It is well worth the long flight to enjoy the beautiful beaches, water and activities.”

She would love to visit other islands in Hawaii since there is so much to do and see. She would also like to visit national parks throughout the US.