Sophomore Catherine Goffard Shows Horses, Wins at Pinto World

Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Sophomore Catherine Goffard, lover of horses, described herself as organized, kind and hardworking.

Goffard started showing horses when she was only three years old. That is “considered a late start because you are supposed to ride your whole life,” she explained.

Goffard has always loved horses and both her mom and grandpa showed horses, so they inspired her.

“My mom and grandpa would take me out to the barn and let me ride their horses, and I always loved it,” she said.

Goffard shows pleasure horses, which means they are judged based on different movements.

Her favorite part is meeting all the fun people who are inviting and genuinely happy to see her succeed.

Goffard explained that the horses need exercise everyday to help keep their joints from getting stiff.

Her sister, Emma, also shows and rides horse. “It has brought us closer together as we have something to bond over, and she makes riding more fun as I tend to be more serious. We also challenge each other which makes us better riders,” said Goffard.

“It is a very flexible sport,” she said. In other words, she has some time to get her schoolwork done, but also enjoys the horses too.

“Riding and showing have helped me learn that I can do anything that I put my mind to. With a little hard work and determination, anything is possible,” Goffard said.

Goffard has owned two horses, Shaggy and Gilly. Shaggy had gotten hurt a day before Pinto World.

When Shaggy got hurt, we almost had to officially retire him. It was a very hard time as it was going to be our last world show. The worst part of that whole scenario is knowing that I cannot make him feel better right away. It is going to take time, and he is getting better as we speak,” she said.

An amazing opportunity had come up for Goffard.

“Tim Gillespie called and offered me a unique leasing opportunity for Gilly. I was thrilled and drove down to Texas a day after to try Gilly out. We connected instantly,” she said. “I then went to Paint World in Fort Worth, Texas, the week after, to show Gilly, and we were world champions.”