NDA’s Spiderman: Man of Faith, Family, & Hard Work


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

At the end of October, Notre Dame introduced its own special superhero.

Jessie Adams, also known as NDA’s Spiderman, thanks to our online contest, describes himself as “an energetic prodigy.”

He explained that being Spiderman was one of the strangest things he has ever done.

“Anything I can do fun to help out Mrs. Brown with her classes I am totally on board,” said Adams.

Dressing up as Spiderman gave students and staff an opportunity to see a different side of Adams.

All of which helped him share an important lesson:  “Never judge a book by its cover. My appearance may throw individuals for a loop until they get to know the real me inside. I like to look different, but at the end of the day I am a loving, caring individual at heart.”

He loves his time working at Notre Dame Academy and enjoys spending time with his family and God. Adams has only worked at NDA for a short eight months as custodian, but hopes to continue to serve for many more.

“I love Notre Dame Academy because I have an opportunity to use my God-given gifts to serve Him in an environment that revolves around Him,” said Adams.

“I am a Christian raising a Christian family,” he said. “The staff and students show such a love and respect for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, and this is the reason I love NDA.”

He enjoys spending time with his kids and his grandparents. Adams’ grandfather is his biggest inspiration.

“He is my dad, my grandfather and my best friend. This is the reason I had him stand up in my wedding as my best man. I try my best to live life the way he raised me, and I am raising my children the same way,” said Adams.

He looks forward to the love his children give when they wake him up for work every morning.

“My children are such an amazing blessing in my life. They are the reason I am so motivated to go about living life to the fullest everyday without regret,” Adams said.

“I overcame a lot of difficult circumstances as a young child to become the man I am today. Everything happens in life for a reason, and God never gives anyone more than they can handle.”

“Jessie has been a delight to work with,” said English teacher Carolyn Brown. “Getting to know him, I learned about the tough times he has overcome and how much he admires and appreciates his grandparents. He inspires me by sharing his faith and his enthusiasm for NDA. He is already looking forward to his kids coming here. And, I might add, he is a super hard worker!”