Sheena Liang Excited About American Culture, Wants to Attend College in U.S.

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One of the stand outs of this year’s TGB talent show down was Sheena (Xinweng) Liang, an exchange student from southern China. Liang amazed the student body with her graceful dance and catching skills.

“I started learning dancing when I was like five, so it’s always been my hobby,” Liang shared, “When I got older I joined the dance team and we learned different kind of traditional and contemporary dances.”

The disc Liang was throwing and rolling during her dance is called a “money drum,” perhaps due to its resemblance to a coin. “That’s a tool we use in my province. There are different cultural dances throughout all of China but the money drum is specific to my province.”

“My host mom encouraged me to spread my culture and sign up so I was excited,” but Liang admitted she was nervous before the performance. “I thought it was only a performance I didn’t know that you had to vote for a winner! On the day of TGB the announcements said to bring your phone to vote and that made me really nervous because I didn’t think many people knew me!”

Fortunately, Liang wowed everybody who witnessed her performance.

This is Liang’s second year in the U.S. but first year at Notre Dame. Last year she attended Sturgeon Bay High School but had to transfer because they didn’t accept second-year exchange students.

“I love it here [NDA]. Sturgeon Bay was a public school and a totally different experience. I’m glad I got to see what both type of high schools were like, but I like the uniform,” she said.

“I am interested in American culture,” Liang explained. Her curiosity and desire to explore is what brought her to America. “When I was young I liked watching American movies and listening to music, so I was really interested in seeing what it’s like to live here.”

Liang plans to pursue a college degree in the States, but she is unsure where she will go yet. “Honestly I will be happy with any school that accepts me!”  

Green Bay is different from what Liang is used to, but she has enjoyed her time here. “When I first came here my host mom showed me “downtown De Pere” and I was shocked,” she said.

The biggest culture shock for Liang was the Chinese food.

“I miss my parents and my friends and especially the food. I want to do well in school, so I can go to a great college and study international business.”

If you see Liang in the hallways, don’t be afraid to say hi. She wants to spread her culture and learn everything there is to know about being a young adult in America.