Fuzz to Make 10th Appearance in Annual Show

Autumn Klemencic, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Ryan French, also known as “Fuzz,” is wrapping up his final year participating in Mr. NDA, which now is titled Academy Awards.

There is no difference in the show, but now girls are allowed to participate which gives it the new name for this year’s show.

French has been dedicated to the show for the past eight years.  This year will be his ninth and his last.

He has participated in the show a total of ten times.

“I was in somebody’s act twice in one year, which makes it 10 times for me,” he said.

Last year French was a contestant in the show, finished as first runner-up and will be making a comeback this year.

“The adrenaline rush you get from being on stage is what I look forward to most. I don’t do any other productions in the auditorium so it’s cool being involved in something on stage,” he stated.

This year French will be escorted by sophomore Lily Balison.

“I could not be more excited. I have known Lily for quite some time,” he said.

Being a part of ten different performances for this competition leaves French with many long-lasting memories. His favorite act he has ever been a part of was

Kieran Degroot’s, when he called French an Angry Elf. Degroot was the winner that year.

French has a lot to think about for his future.  He is hoping to attend TCU or St. Thomas next year. He is interested in sports broadcasting and strategic communications.