Spotlight on Father Christian, NDA’s Chaplain


Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This is Father Raj Christian’s first year as chaplain at Notre Dame Academy.

He will also begin teaching Theology classes by the next academic school year. In fact, Principal Patrick Browne and Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl have given Fr. Christian the opportunity to begin teaching small portions of their freshman theology classes.

“I enjoy teaching the freshmen,” said Fr. Christian.

Fr. Christian has been a priest for six years. On December 30, he will enter into his seventh year as a priest.

“I have always wanted to be a priest. I feel always blessed,” said Fr. Christian.

He studied in a Catholic high school and college where the priests and nuns inspired him to follow Christ and enter into the priesthood. After high school Fr. Christian decided to join the priesthood.

In India, he worked as a staff member and a manager. Knowing his capability, when prior NDA Chaplain Fr. Brad asked him to be chaplain, he knew he would be a good fit.

“I feel delighted to be the Chaplain at Notre Dame Academy,” said Fr Christian.

The transformation in becoming a priest is a transformation as a person, according to Fr. Christian. He has become more prayerful and can feel the providence of God working in his life.

“God is working through me to reach out to the people who are in need,” said Fr. Christian.

In order to become a priest, a boy must graduate high school, and then it takes up to seven or eight years of study to enter the priesthood.

“I would say it’s God’s call for the person who wants to become a priest. I would be happy to guide and help the person who aspires to become one,” said Fr. Christian.