Skogg Lives Life of Adventure with National Geographic


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy 2004 graduate Erika Skogg finds many ways to enjoy adventures around the world.

In high school she was involved in soccer and volleyball, although Skogg wishes she would have been more involved.

Skogg attended Arizona State University followed by Montana University. She majored in photography.

“I constantly make sure I am loving what I am doing. If I could give any advice, it would be to ‘find something you love and do it,’” said Skogg.

She works for National Geographic and is currently documenting Scandinavian culture in the Midwest.

“It is cool to see the culturally rich traditions that no other places participate in. It’s also fun to learn about the culture,” she said.

Skogg has been with National Geographic since 2011 when she applied for an early career grant.

“I wanted to photograph a unique culture. I am documenting and visually preserving anything Scandinavian near Sister Bay,” said Skogg.

Through National Geographic she has started and led many student and adult trips to many different places, such as Italy and Yellowstone.

Skogg grew up in Green Bay, but for a while she lived in Columbia, where her boyfriend is from.  She also lived in a little cabin in Vermont but has returned to call Green Bay home.

According to National Geographic, “Erika’s photographic research and storytelling ideas are driven by the desire to immerse, understand and visually preserve the region’s local Nordic culture.”

Skogg avoided things she did not want in life but found joy in the adventures that took her many places.

“I never saw photography as an option in life. But I have come to learn it is fun learning, and I get addicted to fun learning,” she said.

Skogg spent time in Morocco, which led to her upcoming book entitled “Photographing Morocco.”

She enjoyed her time in Tanzania but Italy is her favorite exploration destination. “I love the amazing food, coast and vineyards,” said Skogg.

“Represented by The National Geographic Image Collection, Erika’s images highlight commonalities of the human experience and ignite a genuine interest in the unknown to encourage a fascination instead of fear,” said National Geographic.

Through her work with National Geographic, Skogg is living a life of travel, learning and fun.