Fuzz Interviews Sister, Hannah Says NDA Prepared Her Well for College

Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This article focuses on my sister Hannah French and shows where she is now and how NDA prepared her for the real world.

Hannah graduated from NDA in 2013. She earned good grades throughout high school and received a well-above-average ACT score.

With the good grades and great ACT score Hannah applied to the University of Texas, Texas Christian University, The University of Miami Ohio and the University of St. Thomas.  

After many months of deliberation Hannah decided on Texas Christian University.

“I chose TCU because my dad went there and I loved the campus. It was also close to family and friends which made up for the distance that was in between my immediate family and myself,” Hannah said.

During her first semester at TCU, Hannah joined the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

After a long first semester Hannah had trouble leaving her family and friends in Green Bay.

“The first semester of your freshman year is really difficult, and after Christmas break it is extremely difficult to go back, especially if you are going far away,” she said.

However, Hannah did find her place in Texas and had a much better second semester.

“NDA prepared me really well for my study habits. I noticed a huge difference between my friends and me and how much better at studying I was than them,” she said.

With a good finish in her freshman finals and a solid sophomore year Hannah was well prepared going into junior year.  

Her junior year Hannah studied abroad in Italy, taking classes such as cooking italian cuisine, speaking Italian and learning how to properly taste and match wine with a dish.

After her junior year Hannah started an internship at a fashion firm called KCD. She helped with the sale of products and would get models and celebrities to wear clothing for the fashion companies her company represented.

After her graduation from TCU, Hannah started a job at FRAME Denim.

Living in New York, she helped run the showroom, which was used to show clients all the products FRAME offered.

After about a year and a half Hannah was not liking New York.

“The people in New York are just mean and always uptight. It was also too cold for me, so I felt a switch was needed.”

Hannah requested a transfer to the LA offices where they did not have any openings in the sales part of the business (which was where she was working in New York). There was, however, an opening in the PR (public relations) part of the company.

After a Skype interview she was given the new job.

So in one week Hannah sold her furniture, packed her bags and moved to the opposite side of the country.

In LA she is happy, warm, and loving her job.

With her job comes perks. Recently she was sent on a trip to Aspen, Colorado, to ski with celebrities such as Olivia Munn and Hailey Bieber–all because she was the only person in the LA offices who knew how to ski.

“I’m loving where I am right now and have no intentions of leaving!”