Mallien at East High School: Still Enjoying People, Still Changing Lives

Owen Martzke, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

In our lives it is important to stay connected with our friends, teachers and coworkers in order to maintain the relationships we have built. I was able to catch up with former NDA teacher and coach, Scott Mallien, to reminisce about old times here at school and learn more about his life after leaving NDA.

Mr. Mallien worked at Notre Dame from 2010 until 2016 as a teacher and a coach. He did take a one year break during the 2013-14 school year when he was working in Wausau. In his time here he taught social studies and theology. He was also a coach for the football team, girls basketball, and track. Mr Mallien also worked as the assistant athletic director and served on various committees and groups within NDA.

Students and staff alike enjoyed Mr. Mallien’s fun nature and ability to help out anytime. As one of his students, I particularly enjoyed when he could relate the lessons taught in the 1960s Spiderman and Batman cartoon shows back to our theology lesson.

He was always available to talk to and had an office stocked full of candy. He made the classroom fun and engaging for freshmen still trying to settle in to high school.

Sadly though, the 2015-16 school year was his last at Notre Dame. It was a sad day in the classroom when he made the announcement that he would not be returning the next year. We were somber, but we knew he was doing what was best for him.

“Anytime you leave somewhere, it is the people that you miss the most. They are the true life blood of any human-centered organization, and they are what makes a place like NDA,” Mallien said when asked what he misses the most from NDA.

Mallien took a job as the Activities and Athletic Director for East High School and Washington Middle School. He is in charge of directing all clubs, sports, drama, and music-related activities at both schools.

“The biggest difference between the two is that I spent more time in the classroom as a teacher, at NDA, than I do at East High School,” said Mallien.

What he enjoys most at East, he says, is what “I would say about Notre Dame.”

“The people at East are what I enjoy most. The day-to-day challenges that you share with like-minded teachers, staff and administration who work together to accomplish the vision we want to create.”

In his free time Mallien enjoys running and reading. He runs about five times a week and is training to run his second marathon. He finds that reading in the evening provides a nice quiet time after a long busy day. Recently, he finished reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville and enjoyed it a lot.