Abler Loves Her Job, Reads Books, Ignores Bagels

Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy counselor Beth Abler graduated from NDA in 2001 and always knew she wanted to help people succeed.

“I have known since high school that I wanted to be a school counselor,” said Abler.

She finished her undergraduate degree at Saint Norbert College in psychology. She worked on her Masters degree in Counseling while volunteering at NDA a few hours a week.

“When the College Counselor position opened up, I applied for it and got the job,” said Abler. “I spent seven years in that position, and this is my fifth year as a School Counselor.”

Abler loves helping students in their tough times and watching them celebrate during the exciting times.

“There is not much I do not love, except maybe speaking in front of the whole school,” she said.

Abler’s greatest memories from her time at NDA are the three musicals she was in and the school trips she took to Canton, New York and Disney.

“I try to savor the best moments of everyday and not just big moments in life. This helps me keep an attitude of gratitude,” she said.

Abler described herself in three words as “a good listener.”

She enjoys working with all of the faculty in Student Services. “We work together well as a really great team, and that makes the day very enjoyable,” she said.

One thing that Abler enjoyed in high school but does not enjoy now is bagels. She used to eat a bagel every single day.

“The first thing that I thought was ‘bagels.’ I just do not enjoy them anymore because I had them so often,” she explained.

Outside of Notre Dame, Abler spends time with her two kids, Aston who is seven and Ellison who is six.

“You can also find me reading a book. Last year I read 72 books, far surpassing my goal of 50. I set another goal this year of 50, and I am already at 28 books so far this year,” Abler said.

And where does she see herself in 15 years?

“Fifteen years from now I will be starting my 27th year at NDA, and my kids with be in college. I would hope that I am still loving helping high school students but also traveling more with my husband. Or maybe something completely different–like working at Disney World.”