Five Summer Job Suggestions for Teens

Olivia Vanden Elzen, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As the school year is coming to an end and the beginning of summer is upon us, this means many teenagers are looking for summer jobs. Here are five of the best summer jobs to have as a teenager:

  1. Lifeguard

Are you looking to spend your summer outside and earn money while getting a tan? Then lifeguarding might be the job for you! However, saving lives is a big responsibility if you ever have to rescue someone from drowning. You also need to go through certification, CPR, first aid, AED classes but with pay from $9 – $20, it could definitely be worth it. Also, many pools give you free access even when you are off work which is an added bonus!

  1. Waiter / Waitress

Are you a people person and enjoy fast-paced environments? Then being a food server could be the perfect job for you. The fact that you get a paycheck every pay period, and cash right at the end of every shift you come in for is hard to pass up. It is also a great opportunity to learn valuable life skills such as how to multitask, work under pressure and practice good customer service. Most restaurants also offer very flexible hours so if you do have a lot of summer plans, this could be the perfect job!

  1. Babysitter / Nanny

Do you love kids and are really patient? Then babysitting or nannying might be the job for you. Many families are looking for summer childcare and do not want to pay the expensive rates most daycares have to offer. Along with not having to pay taxes on your income, this can sometimes be a relatively easy and well-paying summer gig. Though the number of kids you are watching and how long you are watching them can depend on the family, many babysitters or nannies can make anywhere from $7 -$20 an hour. Not too bad…

  1. Lawn Service

Are you looking for a relatively easy job that pays well and you have easy access to a lawn mower? Consider creating your own lawn service. Lots of homeowners or business owners can be very busy during the summer and would rather pay a teenager to mow their lawn than to do it themselves or hire an expensive company to do it. However, you will have to pay for gas, repairs, and have a way to transport your lawnmower. But by charging around $10-$40 per lawn depending on size, and maybe doing multiple a day, you can still earn a quite substantial amount of money.

  1. Photographer

Do you have a passion and talent for taking pictures? Well, why not make some money off of it! Summer is a busy time for senior pictures, family pictures and just photoshoots in general, and people are definitely looking for the most affordable options. So, if you are pretty talented with a camera, you could probably get away with charging anywhere from $20-$100 for your shoot. Do 10+ a summer, and that could be close to $1,000!