Owen Brummel Earns Best Young Artist Award at Art Street


Rylei Anders, Staff Writer, Journalism I

This past weekend Owen Brummel, NDA senior, participated in his first art show in Downtown Green Bay’s 38th annual Art Street. 

Art Street showcases a variety of original art by approximately 200 artists from around the country.

Brummel was part of the Young Artisan event, and on Sunday morning show organizers awarded him with their Best Young Artist Award.

Decorated with his many caricatures, sketches, and portraits, his booth attracted hundreds of passersby and onlookers.

Among his customers was English teacher Andrea Gilson, who purchased a caricature of Dwight from The Office.  

“I was impressed with his work and wanted to support him,” she said.

 The reigning Mr. NDA  also took about 26 commissions or orders for portraits, particularly customers wanting drawings for wedding and Christmas gifts. 

Brummel is currently pursuing IB Visual Arts at Notre Dame and plans to go to college for art and design.  The money made at his first show will go into his college fund.

“I have looked at both the University of Minnesota and MCAD,” said Brummel, who admits the possibility of following the career path of his architect father.

In last year’s Mr. NDA Contest the senior combined his love of art and music for a strong talent performance creative beyond simple guitar playing and pencil drawing.  

The time lapse drawing, accompanied by an original guitar piece, honored his grandparents.