Rentmeester’s Love for Languages Led to Classroom Career

Rentmeesters Love for Languages Led to Classroom Career

Charlotte Van Den Heuvel, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Many people know Mrs. Brenda Rentmeester for teaching French, but not many people know she teaches Russian

“Be patient, it takes a while to learn the alphabet,” Rentmeester tells her students studying Russian.

At Notre Dame Academy there are only eight students taking Russian as a class.

Rentmeester decided to learn Russian when she was a freshman in college, but she never thought she would be the one teaching it.

Although her family only speaks English, Rentmeester fell in love with learning different languages at a young age.

Rentmeester has three younger brothers, and none of them learned a foregin language except for her.

Not only does she speak French and Russian, but she also knows some German.

Rentmeester graduated from UW-Madison, majoring in French and International relations, but she never thought she would be a teacher.

In college, Rentmeester was very close to one of her French professors who often helped her when she needed it.

Throughout college Rentmeester did not want to be a teacher, but once she married her husband, he suggested teaching as a career for her.

Though she didn’t know how she felt about being a teacher, she ended up trying it and instantly loved it.

“I do love getting to know you guys. You’re all so open,” said Rentmeester.

Rentmeester had a former job at a middle school, but once she started teaching at Notre Dame Academy she loved the students’ willingness to learn.

In Russian class, Rentmeester warns students that it can be difficult to learn a new alphabet, but she does believe it is a fun language to learn.

“I just love languages, and if I had the time I would probably be on Duo Lingo or something teaching myself a new language,” said the teacher, who started teaching at NDA last year..

Rentmeester’s love for languages has helped countless students learn both French and Russian.