Spanish Club: One of Many Clubs at Club Fair

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Spanish Club, which has grown more popular as the years have gone on, is poised for another great year.

The club focuses on learning the Spanish culture and trying to incorporate Spanish into your daily lives.

Senora Stover, a Spanish teacher here at Notre Dame Academy, is the moderator for the club.

“Stover is always lively, and it’s fun to have her as the club moderator,” said Cassidy Noble, the president of Spanish Club.

In previous years, the club has ventured off campus to have dinner at El Sarape to further expand their cultural cues. 

Last year, the club enjoyed the Disney hit movie “Coco” while eating chips with salsa and guacamole.

One of the most important misconceptions about Spanish Club is the thought that one has to be in Spanish class or speak Spanish to be able to join. 

That’s not the case, however, as Noble notes anyone can participate.

“We are always looking for more students to join. and we are open to suggestions for the club,” said Noble.

Spanish Club will be at the Club Fair this Friday for you to sign up to join.