Maddie Jaloszynski Shares Pros, Cons of Adjusting to College Life

Maddie Jaloszynski Shares Pros, Cons of Adjusting to College Life

Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA 2019 graduate Maddie Jaloszynski attends Davis and Elkins college in West Virginia.

“The best part about college has been getting a fresh start. I chose to go far away and meet completely new people,” she said.

Jaloszynski has experienced a few challenges on her college journey including overall adjustment and her sleep schedule. 

“My sleep schedule has been a challenge for me. I have easy workouts twice a week at 6 a.m. I then have an 8 a.m. class three days a week as well,” she said. “Most nights I go to bed very late because of all the studying I have to do.”

The worst of college for Jaloszynski is not having a car on campus to see all the beautiful scenery around campus. 

Life with a roommate is not what she expected. Jaloszynski’s roommate is also on the volleyball team. 

“She is very quiet, so the exact opposite of me. She is very nice and will always listen to any problems I have,” she said.  

Meeting people and making friends is a challenge for Jaloszynski outside of the friends she met the first few days. 

She said, “Being a collegiate athlete is pretty cool if I am being honest. It is not at all what I expected, but I just look at the positives to keep my head up.” 

Jaloszynski was very stressed during the first week of school and really wanted to come home. 

“I was injured coming into college which was very hard. I really struggled looking at the big picture of everything. It has gotten better though. I try not to focus on what I am missing at home. I talk to my friends everyday and my mom texts or calls me everyday,” she said.

As Notre Dame strives to prepare students well for college, Jaloszynski thought she was well prepared to study for her nursing major 

“Testing here is a lot like NDA. I have to spend a lot more time studying than the average student. I think that NDA set me up with productive study habits and how to apply myself,” she said. 

Jaloszynski misses the teachers the most and the drama the least. 

She said, “I miss having such supportive teachers willing to do anything for me and listening to me and making me feel valued. College allows you to see who you want and talk to who you want. You’re not attached to negative people. You get to find those positive people and focus more time and energy into those relationships.”

“I have really tried to focus on the positives in every situation and my everyday activities. I learned that to focus on negatives ultimately makes you a negative person and more isolated.”