How About a Horse for a Pet?

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

When you think about having your own pet, whether that’s currently or in the future with your own family, what kind of pets do you think about having? A dog, a cat, or maybe, a horse?

This is the case for many students here at Notre Dame Academy, as a horse is seen as the traditional pet in their household. 

Some, like me, might wonder how one could obtain the interest in such a large animal like a horse.

One of the aspects that make horses considerably different is, first of all, the care and expenses that go into having a horse. 

Unlike other pets, for example cats, you can’t just let a horse roam around all day with bowls of food and water.

“Taking care of a horse is not only more time consuming, but it is also way more expensive,” said Adison Karbon, a senior here at Notre Dame who’s had a horse since she’s been a toddler. “You not only have to pay for feed and vet care, you have to pay for board.”

Boarding, more convenient in Wisconsin than other metropolitan areas, is still a whopping $300 to $500 a month, depending on the services that go along with it.

Having to take care of the horse is a priority as well, which includes waking up early every morning to tend to the horse.

“The horses usually wake up around 5:30 eat hay, grain and water after we pick their hooves out since they accumulate a lot of gravel,” said Karbon. “Then you have to ride them for awhile and then they’re done for the day.”

“In my opinion, they are pretty easy to take care of. They are always outside, yet you still have to feed them like dogs or cats,” said Kyle Barr, a junior here at Notre Dame whose parents have owned horses since before he was born.

Horses are also, as many know, used for showings and ridings around Wisconsin.

“I ride for competition on the WI Quarter Horse Association Circuit, we show on a team with a common trainer, but all our points are done individually with a horse and rider,” said Karbon.

Others ride the horses for enjoyment.

“We used to ride the horses we had for fun, but since my family has gotten busier, we haven’t been for awhile,” said Barr.

Although there are over 350 different horse breeds, some of the most common include the American Quarter horse, the Arabian horse and the Tennessee Walker.

Horse riding is not only a Notre Dame thing, but there are also horse rides that inexperienced people, like myself, can go on as well.

If you or a loved one would like to participate in the great adventure of horseback, there are many opportunities to try and venture.

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