SNC Sophomore ‘Blocker’ Having Fun, Learning in Classroom

Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Every year Notre Dame Academy welcomes several sophomore block students from St. Norbert College to help out and teach in the classrooms. 

Ieden Sheehan is one sophomore block student at Notre Dame this year, working with Mr. Steve Stary in the English department. 

“I have learned how to have fun in the classroom while still learning,” said Sheehan.  “Mr. Stary does a really nice job of incorporating stories into his lessons while also getting the material across to his students.”

She is originally from Wausau, Wisconsin, and graduated from Wausau West High School. 

Sheehan loves interacting with students and wants to help people learn. 

She said, “I think being a teacher is a really rewarding job too because we get to work with so many different students and help them feel important and valued and, in turn, help them achieve success in school.”

Sheehan’s high school AP psychology teacher, Mrs. Clark, inspired her to become a teacher.

“She always made her lessons so engaging and got the students thinking about the topics in new ways,” she said.  “She genuinely cared for all of her students and was willing to go above and beyond to help them learn.”  

The craziest thing Sheehan has done is horseback ride up a mountainside and zipline in Costa Rica. 

“I can not believe I did it because I am terrified of heights and have almost no experience with horses, but it was so fun,” she said. 

Sheehan has faced a few challenges so far. 

“I am only a sophomore and have not had a lot of experience in the classroom, so I have to remind myself that I am not going to be perfect yet, and that is fine,” she said. 

Outside of the classroom she enjoys working out, playing volleyball, singing and watching youtube. 

“I played varsity volleyball all four years of high school and was also on a club team for 13 years,” she said. 

In ten years she sees herself in a high school English classroom, hopefully in the Midwest, but she is open to teaching other places too. 

She also aspires to be a volleyball coach because it is a passion of hers. 

“Overall, I really just want to enjoy what I am doing in ten years and be happy,” said Sheehan.