Preview Night Started Schauer’s Cross Country Career

Sophia Schauer , Staff Writer, Journalism I

Preview Night was the key to senior Lauren Schauer’s cross country career. 

She knew she wanted to do a sport, but didn’t know what sport to do.  At Preview Night she felt welcomed and was invited to be a part of the cross country team.  

Schauer believes cross country “is an individual sport as much as it is a team sport.” 

With her high school career now over, she said it is sad to say goodbye to the team and her friends but knows she has to get ready for the next part of her life. 

“The best part about running,” according to Schauer, “is that it is therapeutic and helps relieve stress.”  

She added that running puts stress on her physically but that she “definitely likes the cookies and chocolate milk” and “the parents, coaches and teammates cheering everyone on during the race.”

Although she said “it is frustrating to be putting in a lot of effort and not reach your personal record or goal for the season, it makes me happy to see teammates succeed.”