Can You Believe I…


“I got my first referral my senior year for not having my ID?”-Charles Peterson 

“I got a black eye and scar in the first week of high school during a lunchtime basketball game?”-Luke Biese

“I ripped my pants three times at school?”-Sarah Lelinski

“I never wore my hair up to school until second semester senior year?”-Emma Paulson 

“I clogged all the toilets at school?”-Eli Canadeo

“I got a referral at a school dance?”-Jacob Conrad

“I wore sweatpants my entire senior year?”-Eli Servais

“I purchased a Volkswagon beetle as my first car?”-Sophie Woodward

“I got a Baja Blast freeze from Taco Bell almost every day after school during my junior and senior year?”-Mattea Vecera

“I never got caught for not wearing a school shirt under my school fleece?”-Katherine Fangman

“I knocked down an entire row of desks in Mrs. Brown’s freshman English?”-Josie Bieker

“I had Mrs. Brown as a teacher for all four years?”-Max Timmer

“I never got a referral?”-Jadyn Kulesa

I nearly got caught in the locked-off part of the school during a freshman year choir concert?”-Alexandra Van Dreel

“I used a slide phone for half of my junior year?” -Abby Wittler

“I got three referrals during my first week at NDA?”-Elise Fierst

“I didn’t know Russell and Hayden were the same person until this year, and he is my locker neighbor?”- Bridget Kapic

“I made it?”- Samantha Mecklenburg 

“I genuinely enjoyed three full days of school?”-Megan Zasuly

“I never clogged a school toilet?”-Sam Peterman 

“I got my only referral because one time between 7th and 8th hour of my junior year I forgot I had another class, so I gathered all of my homework materials for that night, put on my jacket and went to leave before realizing nobody else was in the hallway, and I had a class to attend right then?”– Breanna Van Dreel

“I got one problem correct on a math test and still got an 84?”- Erik Sladky

“I got denied four years straight by Hana Reitz to be my beloved ‘girlfriend’?”-Nick Foscato 

“I didn’t know there was a bathroom in the upstairs priory until senior year?”-Dennis Guo 

“I got stuck in my gym shorts my sophomore year?”- Katherine Walch

“I have never bought lunch from Konop?”-Sydney Ditscheit

“Only about 25% of the people at NDA call me Hayden anymore, but I am only referred to as Russell instead?”- Hayden Kapalin

“I sprained my ankle nine times in one basketball season?”-Jack Schumer

“I actually decided to take a chance on cross country my senior year and was actually proud of it?”-Juan Ruacho 

“I grew nine inches since the start of freshman year?”-Fritz Sehring

“I wore jeans the majority of the time at NDA and never got a referral?”-Cathy Baeten 

“I never found the pool at NDA?”Ared Hernandez

“I never wore tan khaki?”-Ellese Martin

“I broke my foot while getting out of Fritz’s car on Locust during my sophomore year?”-Sydney Lemkuil

“I walked into the girls’ bathroom?”-Henry Wied

“I have never been caught cheating?”-Evan Witczak 

“Sam Schmid and I almost got tossed from a basketball game while sitting on the bench?”-Evan Skaletski 

“I never got a referral?”-Alex Roach

“I never got a referral?”-Olivia Cullen 

“I never attended morning mass?”-Maggie Otradovec

“I didn’t get any referrals my senior year?”-Albert Yanez