Hailey Frederick: Workout Coach in Math Classroom?


Sophia Schauer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Too often students don’t realize some of the other dimensions of their classroom teachers. 

Take second-year math teacher Hailey Frederick.  Is she really a workout coach? 

Yes, she is. 

“As a health and fitness coach,” explained Frederick, “I support women who join me working out from home.  I have challengers, and I am their coach virtually through Facebook or other platforms.” 

She became a workout coach, she said,  “to help others like myself who don’t know what to do at the gym and have busy schedules.”

Exercise and fitness is a natural spin for Frederick who played lacrosse in her suburban Chicago  high school, an all-girls school, and Loras College, where she did her undergraduate work.  

In addition, she coached the varsity girls lacrosse team when she taught at Regina Dominican High School, her high school alma mater, before coming to NDA two years ago.

Frederick is also busy getting her master’s degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Secondary Education at the University of Northern Iowa. 

Her master’s classes are online and time-consuming.  

“I am getting my master’s degree because I want to continue my education and be the best teacher I can,” said Frederick.  “I want to learn new methods of teaching. Plus, I love being a student and taking classes.”

Here at NDA the workout coach teaches Algebra I, Algebra B and Pre-Calculus.