First-time Voters Get Ready for November Elections


Sophia Schauer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Kaelynn James, NDA senior, is excited to vote.

As a first-time voter, James registered right after her 18th birthday this month. She believes voting is important “because everyone’s opinion counts.” 

She registered online at

“I made the choice to register and vote because my great grandma always tells me it is important because women didn’t always have the chance,” she explained. 

For her, a major issue in the election is racism and police brutality. 

Has she studied much about the various contests? 

“I have somewhat,” she said, “but not a lot.” 

Her primary races of interest are the presidential race and the House of Representatives.

ADVISER NOTE:  If you’re a first-time voter, let us hear your story.  Comment and we’ll contact you.