Irish Club Up and Running, Eager for Tritons to Join

Irish Club Up and Running, Eager for Tritons to Join

Jacob VanOoyen, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame is excited to announce a new club for the students of NDA, the Irish Club. The Irish Club will focus on the country of Ireland and its culture, customs and various traditions. 

This new club was founded by two juniors, Danica Smullen and Peyton Skaletski, and both are very excited for students to be a part of it and learn about Ireland.   

Danica has taken the lead role as President and I, Peyton, will be serving in the co-president position. We also have two members who are stepping up to lead as well. We have sophomore Eva Delaney as chair of heritage and Anika Gerl as chair of dance. We are also excited to have Mr. Bobinski as the adviser of our club,” said Skaletski.

Meetings will be held about once a month and will include Irish culture-themed games, food and time for members to discuss the similarities they have in the Irish culture. 

Ireland has a very unique history and culture made up of various traditions, such as the Irish Jig. The Irish Jig is believed to date back to the mid to late 1600s as a dance for the queen. 

With dance being important to Ireland and its culture, the Irish Club brought in Anika Gerl who has been trained in Irish dance. “I’ve been Irish dancing for 10 years and am super excited to teach people about Irish dance,” said Gerl.

With the Irish Club just now starting halfway through the year, Skaletski and Smullen have been trying to spread the word about the club and encourage all students who are interested to join. 

“We welcome all students to join the Irish Club by emailing either Danica Smullen or Peyton Skaletski on our school accounts. Then we can fill you in on upcoming meetings and new club news. We are also planning on creating a Google Classroom to display all events and meetings that will be scheduled soon,” said Skaletski.