Literacy Coordinator Brings Years of Experience to NDA


Sienna Callaway, Staff Writer, Journalism I

“I’m working really hard on not working too much,” said Mrs. Jaime Danen, one of NDA’s new staff members. She considers herself a workaholic, and that is one thing she would like to improve on.

 “I’m also working on not being too early,” said Danen with a laugh. 

The new Literacy and Equity/Inclusion Coordinator has a major in many different subjects from genetics to journalism. 

Her job here at NDA?  

“I will work with students and teachers to work on literacy and make sure that everybody has what they need to learn in school,” she said. 

She is very inspired by many of her students and they keep her motivated.

“I don’t think I will ever retire,” she continued. “I think I will always teach whether it be students or teachers.” 

She loves to look and search for new ways that students can learn and how teachers can teach.

“Last year I did a leadership program through Catholic Link for students and staff,” said Danen. This is what encouraged her to come to Notre Dame.

This new staff member graduated from DePere High School in 1993. 

“I went to UW-Madison for two years until I transferred to UW-GB to be a teacher,” said Danen. 

Danen now has 23 years of experience in teaching. 

“I love to travel, read and write,” she said. Her original plan was “to travel all over the world taking pictures and journaling.”  

She has been many places–from Kansas to Washington D.C, Iowa and even South Africa and is greatly involved with the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

Danen has two daughters. Bryn, 19, graduated from Notre Dame and attends UW-Madison, and Adah is a sophomore this year at NDA.