Grace Corriveau Leaves NDA to Get Master’s at UW-Stevens Point


Ben Wolcanski, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“I will miss getting to work with my mom and co-workers that I had as teachers when I attended Notre Dame,” said Earth and Environmental Science teacher Ms Grace Corriveau who will leave Notre Dame after this school year to get her Master’s Degree. 

“I have been interested in getting my Master’s since graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in 2019. I have been applying to graduate programs that have available grant funding for the last four years. However, the process is often competitive, and so in the meantime I have been building my experience working as an educator,” said Corriveau.

Corriveau will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to get a Masters of Science in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Environmental Education and Interpretation.

“As a part of my graduate assistantship, I will get to teach undergraduates and so I will not have to leave teaching totally behind,” she said. 

Corriveau reminisced about the things that she enjoyed the most about teaching at NDA and the things she will miss.

“I enjoyed judging Academy Awards and participating in De La Baie Fest,” she said.

“I will miss having students send me videos or articles they come across that remind them of the material we are learning about in class. I love when students are able to relate what we are learning about to everyday life,” she said.

“I would like to tell my colleagues and students that I am excited for the opportunity to continue my education, but that I will miss them next year. Notre Dame is a special place and the people are what make it special,” she added.