Student Government Elections Held Tuesday

Colleen Mortell, Staff Writer

Elections for next year’s student government committee are right around the corner.

Favorites among many students are the roles of Fan Man, Mermaid, and Student Body President.  Juniors are preparing for their campaign to fulfill these rolls as seniors next fall.

These positions are currently held by seniors Bert Bengston, Emma Balison, and TJ LeMoine.

The Fan Man is responsible for creating and performing the traditional Friday raps, picking themes, and starting cheers at school games and pep assemblies.  Mermaid shares these duties as well.

Last year, the roles of Fan Man and Mermaid were officially added as student government positions.

Davis Elm is running unopposed for the title of Fan Man.

“Next year, the students can expect good raps and lots of bags at tailgates,” Elm said.

Isabella O’day and Jessica Reigh are competing for Mermaid.

“I have always wanted to be mermaid since freshman year.  I do it for the Tritons,” O’day shared.

O’day placed campaign posters around the school displaying her participating in a track meet.  It reads, “JV track meet; 8th place.  Help me win something!”

“You can expect attendance at all events including freshmen games, fencing tournaments, robotic competitions, and math meets… I don’t have a life right now, so I’m trying to enjoy others,” O’day said.

Reigh has been attending all types of Notre Dame events throughout her years as a Triton.

“I already go to all of the games and love NDA and what it represents.  All I would like to do is add a tail!” Reigh said.

She also placed photoshopped posters around the school displaying her as celebrities like Hannah Montana, “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” the “No Ragrets” character from We are the Millers, and many more.

“You can expect to hear my voice at a number of events!” Reigh said.

Derek Campbell has been the 2015 class president for the past three years.  This year he will be running unopposed for Student Body President.

Besides running meetings, the Student Body President coordinates with all of the school officers and assists with their tasks.  He also works with Dr. Ravizza and Mr. Masarik in scheduling dress down days.

“I am going to try and coordinate all the good things former Student Body Presidents Mel Ricker, Andrew Burnett, and TJ LeMoine brought to the school.  I want to see what worked best and get as many people involved as possible,” Campbell said.

Speeches for the student body positions will be held Tuesday, April 29.  Other positions like class president, senates, advocates, etc. will be on Thursday, May 1.