Sladek Competes in Mr. Titletown 2016


Sladek competing at Mr. Titletown.

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Joe Sladek, first runner-up in the December Mr. NDA contest, competed with eight other male contestant winners for Mr. Titletown 2016 on Sunday, February 28.

“Joe and his barbershop buddies did a great job representing NDA in the show,” said Mrs. Carolyn Brown, one of the coordinators for Mr. NDA.  “I was surprised by the winner, Mr. Denmark, but I only saw his talent act from behind.  It was a dramatic monologue at the end of the ramp.  Greg Young, former Mr. NDA and Mr. Titletown 2015, said it was really good from his perspective, that I should have seen his facial expressions.”

“What I do know, though, is that Joe and the guys did a great job with the talent number, and the intro with the trumpets was loved by the audience.”

Mr. Titletown is entertainment with a purpose.

“Through competition and friendly rivalry, Mr. Titletown raises funds for high school post-prom activities and offers a great show to boot,” Sladek explained. “I was proud to represent NDA at the show and work with this great organization. Local businesses such as Du Bois Formalwear and the Huterra Foundation sponsor the show, and the winner receives scholarship money as well as other prizes.

Sladek enjoyed the experience and wanted to thank the people involved in the making of his act.

“Quick shout-out to Courtney Ledvina, Drew Gunville, Evan Haas, Theo VanStraten, Tian Zhangchi “T,” Ben Richards, and Charlie Urick. They have all been heavily involved with Mr. Titletown, and I owe them many thanks for all of their hard work. They truly (and in some cases, literally) ‘breathe life’ into the acts. Without them, there would not have been a show.”