Study Tables Scheduled for Saturday, May 21

Delaney Butterfield, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Last semester, NDA teachers and staff organized study tables the Saturday before exam week.

“At the end of the first semester we organized study tables for students who wished to spend time in focused preparation for exams,” said English teacher Ms. Michele Mahlock. “More than 100 students attended. Given the success of that event, we are organizing study tables again this semester.”

The study tables are scheduled for Saturday, May 21st, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Many teachers will be there as well as tutors helping students study.

“Last semester I opened my room and a lot of students came in to ask about any last-minute questions they had and to page through their notes from the semester,” said Mrs. Ann Hollenback, biology teacher.

Students are encouraged to bring any notes or study materials they have with them. The library will be open for quiet studying. The commons will be open for larger group studies. Cell phones will be checked in, so they cannot be used as a distraction.

“I normally study better alone but going to the study tables last semester really helped me stay focused and on task while studying,” said sophomore Jenn Cluckey. “I will definitely try to make it to them this semester.”

A list of teachers that will be present will be posted later in the week so students can plan ahead if they need to talk to any of them. Tutors will also be helping people review and study throughout the three hours the tables will be open.

“All of the students that I talked to said it was a very beneficial experience for them and would definitely recommend that others attend,” said Mrs. Hollenback.

Students are urged to bring any and all study materials as well as laptops during the time they are at the study tables.